Finally, Delivering Sync and Share that CIO’s Trust and “New User’s” Love

Now that the dust has settled around the announcement of EMC’s acquisition of Syncplicity, I thought it would be a good time to share some perspectives on this latest move. So why is this announcement so significant?

The Macro Trends

To answer this, we need to first understand the forces that are shaping our work patterns and overall expectations as users.  For all intents and purposes, we have all become the “New User” (e.g. across all demographics – not just GenY/C).  We are all more mobile and social than ever before and have become very comfortable interacting with Cloud/SaaS-based applications. We are using an average of 5-7 different devices and are very active when it comes to sharing content Continue reading

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With the advent of the “New User” and rapid innovations in mobile, social, and cloud computing, we are beginning to see fundamental changes in how people do work.  To get a better understanding of the forces shaping this environment, I tracked down Jeetu Patel (CMO/CSO of EMC’s IIG Division) to get his perspectives on the matter.  In this segment, we discuss the macro trends impacting

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I recently had the opportunity to speak at the (or ACM Live 2012 conference) hosted by Tom Koulopoulos with the Delphi Group.  Tom and I have known each other since the early days of BPM, so it was really good to reconnect once again.  During our interactive video interview (with audience Q&A), Tom and I discussed the ways in which Case Management enables business transformation, and  real-world customer use-cases – including Generali Hellas Insurance, which won the  WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition)  2012 Gold Award for Excellence in Adaptive Case Management (also announced at this event).  In addition, we covered the critical success factors for organizations to realize the highlighted benefits and Big Data’s evolving impact on Case Management and BPM applications.

You can access the full interview

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The Four Requirements for Establishing Pervasive Governance

While on another long flight, stuffed in a middle seat (yes, the glamour of travel), I reflected back on the presentations that I had recently done covering compliance (Gartner PCC, AIIM, MER (Managing Electronic Records), and EMC’s Momentum User Group Conferences).  Given the positive feedback and requests for the content, I thought it might be helpful to discuss the key requirements that make Pervasive Governance possible.  To better understand the Continue reading

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Big Data Meets Big ERM

During my recent travels and multitude of customer meetings, a recurring question has been, “with the massive amount of structured and unstructured information being generated and received, how do you archive and apply retention polices to this information, at speed and scale?”

To help answer this question, I again tracked down Jeroen Van Rotterdam (Chief Architect for EMC’s –IIG Division) to “whiteboard” how this can be done.  Here, Jeroen lays out the high-level architecture approach with Documentum and the Continue reading

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The Path to Better Decisions

As a follow-up to my recent blog, “,” I caught up with David Le Strat (Director of Case Management and Client products for EMC’s IIG division) to get his perspectives on what’s driving innovation in Case Management.   In this segment, Dave outlines the market needs, key technology requirements and Continue reading

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While on an extremeeeely long flight back from New York to San Francisco (which has become more routine lately), I started reflecting back on the Business Process Excellence – for Financial Services Conference I recently attended.  While small as events go (only about a hundred or so people), it was rich with a sense of purpose and community – more JAD session than conference. As a result, the event developed into a rally point for CIO’s, VP’s of Business Improvement/Excellence, and Process practitioners on how to lead their organizations to the promised land of unequaled business performance and value delivery. This created a dynamic environment

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