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Looking back on the most recent AIIM Conference in San Francisco (it’s keynotes, panel discussions and my own meetings), I thought it was time to pause for a moment and look at the big picture of what’s changing the nature of ECM. …

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Why Crawl When You Can Federate? Seeking a Better Approach to Enterprise Search

To better understand the basics of Enterprise Search, I recently spent some time with Ed Bueche, Distinguished Engineer for all Search products at IIG.  In this segment, Ed walks us through the basic requirements and technologies used for Enterprise Search.  … Continue reading

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Understanding Pervasive Governance

As a follow-up to my recent interviews with AIIM and CMS Wire, I caught up with Jeroen VanRotterdam (Chief Architect for EMC’s IIG division), to get his perspectives on Pervasive Governance.   In this segment, Jeroen outlines the market challenges and … Continue reading

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Delivering Instant ECM – OnDemand

There is no escaping the overwhelming hype when it comes to the Cloud.  Everywhere you go, someone has something to sell that’s now available “in the cloud.”  I’m reminded of a t-shirt I once saw – “Remember when the Cloud … Continue reading

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Cloud Innovation

As part of my ongoing video blog/interview series exploring innovation in information management, I recently met up with Paul O’Brien, Vice President & General Manager of EMC OnDemand.  Here we discuss what’s new and different in bringing ECM to the … Continue reading

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AIIM Interview On The Convergence of Social, Local, Mobile, Pervasive Governance and Big Data

In support of the upcoming AIIM Conference in San Francisco, I recently met with Bryant Duhon, Editor of AIIM to discuss the key trends affecting the ECM marketplace.  We discussed the key considerations surrounding the world of social, mobile and … Continue reading

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Throughout my travels, one of the requests I consistently get from customers is for a closer look at what’s shaping the next level of innovation at EMC’s IIG division.  To help with this, I’ll be conducting a series of short …

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Last week over 2000 disciples of Big Data descended on Santa Clara, California for the second annual Strata Conference. While small as tradeshows go, by all accounts attendance exceeded expectations and you couldn’t help but feel the buzz and entrepreneurial …

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It’s been said that we’re now living in the era of Big Data.  Amidst the declaration of the revolution taking place, many may believe that we’ve been here before.  Is this another overhyped technology (following in the footsteps of Web …

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I’ve always been amazed by the advances in technology, the pace of innovation and the new business models that often follow. Having been in the hi-tech and enterprise software biz for over 25-years, I’ve seen my share of boom & …

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