About Seeking Practical Truth

I’ve always been amazed by the advances in technology, the pace of innovation and the new business models that often follow. Having been in the hi-tech and enterprise software biz for over 25-years, I’ve seen my share of boom & bust markets, over-hyped technology, innovation ahead of its time and the thrill of success when a solution neatly comes together – and I’ve learned a ton along the way.

Which leads us to the title of my blog “Seeking Practical Truth” – both in our professional and personal lives. Unlike typical lectures on business transformation, my hope is that this blog is a forum for discovery… together. A journey that explores new technologies, business models, approaches to innovation, skills & roles required and the impact it can have on our lives and the world around us. Most of all, I’ll approach this with an eagerness and ambition to challenge the business and ourselves to think bigger.

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