Using BPM and Case Management to Transform Your Business

It’s interesting when talking about “business transformation,” that many of us immediately think of Business Process Management (BPM).  And for good reason considering the life’s blood of an organization is really the collection (or more importantly, the summation) of the hundreds of business processes and associated transactions that get executed every day.   Understanding this, some companies have taken the plunge by jumping into buying BPM technology and then looking for a problem to solve.  Others have cautiously watched from shore, over analyzing the merits of process improvement while competitors pass them by.  Still others have thoughtfully waded-in and are enjoying the significant benefits of process automation, yet wondering how to advance their business to the next level.   So, what’s it take to transform the way you’re doing business and significantly move the needle on performance?

To help offer a perspective on these and other questions, I recently conducted a webcast with the Process Excellence Network (PEX).  Here I covered:

  • The forces driving “transformation”
  • The different styles of BPM and how this landscape is changing
  • The evolution and application of Case Management
  • Practical case studies of how leading companies have successfully implemented case management and the value gained
  • Explore how technologies like Big Data and Cloud computing are changing the face of process improvement and what it can mean for you

The feedback from this event was extremely positive.  Therefore, I thought it made sense to post it here on my blog.  You can check out the webinar or at:

I hope you find this session valuable and as always I’d love your feedback.

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