Extending the Value of SharePoint

“What’s IIG’s SharePoint strategy?”  I’d love a dollar for every time I’m asked this question.  It’s undeniable that SharePoint has spread like wild fire across organizations of all sizes.  However, it’s also true that the Post-PC Era (social, mobile, local, cloud) revolution has exposed gaps in SharePoint’s capabilities, forcing IT to react.   

I sat down with Jeetu Patel (CMO/CSO of EMC’s IIG Division) to discuss the SharePoint opportunities, challenges and potential solutions.  In this segment, Jeetu covers market trends, key considerations for the “New User” and how to get more value out of your existing SharePoint investment.

I will continue to discuss the innovations that are shaping the next wave of transformation in Information Management with videos, blogs and chats with thought leaders. Let me know what you think.

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2 Responses to Extending the Value of SharePoint

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    It was interesting to hear Jeetu Patel’s strategy. I like Jeetu’s quote below:

    “…..Anything other than a windows’s device, Sharepoint doesn’t treat it as a first class citizen….”

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